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What status for Messianic Jews in Israel?

What is the place of Messianic Jews in Israeli society? When a Jewish believer in Yeshua applies to become an Israel citizen under the “Law of Return,” is he or she received as any other Jewish person returning to our biblical homeland? When seeking to buy or rent property as a Messianic ministry, is there discrimination? When a modern day Israeli disciple of Messiah applies for employment, will that believer have equal opportunity to be hired? [THIS IS THE EXCERPT] SHOULD HAVE THE WHOLE ARTICLE

Avi Mizrachi is the Executive Director of Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre and Pastor of Adonai Roi Congregation. He was born in Tel Aviv to a Jewish Family. In 1984, after serving in the Israeli Air Force, he traveled to America where he met Yeshua as his Savior and Lord. During this time, he also met his wife Chaya. Together they attended Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. Avi and his wife Chaya returned to Israel to serve the Kingdom in 1987.

Eitan Shishkoff

Eitan is the Founder and Executive Director of Tents of Mercy Network of Messianic Congregations is Northern Israel. He's a published author, having written "What About Us?", which answers the question about Gentile participation in the restoration of Israel.