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Angela Dec 19, 2018

Why I made aliyah?

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Katya Morrison Sep 7, 2018

An Orthodox Israeli woman follows Yeshua

Noa proclaimed that she was dedicating her life to the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua. She thanked God for her new salvation and went into the water. It was a powerful ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Sep 6, 2018

This Sukkot, Vision for Israel to highlight local believers

The VFI celebration of Sukkot will take place at The Pavilion, an auditorium in the Clal Building in downtown Jerusalem, from Sept. 25 to 27. An emphasis this year will ...

Reuven Doron Sep 2, 2018

Adoption – Foundation of a blessed life

Reuven writes, "Adoption was Israel’s first experience as a new nation. The people now belonged to someone: a great and awesome someone – the creator Himself. The Apostle Paul recognized ...

Carmiyah Israel Staff Sep 1, 2018

Latest methods used by anti-missionaries in Israel

Carmiyah ministries based in the Ashkelon region have recently been the target of a well known anti-missionary organisation in Israel.

Living-Israel Staff Aug 30, 2018

Israel College of the Bible sends Jewish-Arab mission teams

"As the the Body of Messiah in the modern state of Israel gains momentum, it’s time to lift our eyes beyond our borders! Jewish and Arab mission teams are now ...

Eitan Shishkoff Aug 29, 2018

Memorial for Esther Moore: Touching eternity on a Jerusalem rooftop

Eitan writes, "On a roof top overlooking the city that will receive Yeshua, under a moonlit Jerusalem sky, cooled by a strong summer breeze, a bereaved family gave whole-hearted praise ...

Sarah Ruth Aug 29, 2018

In memory of Esther Moore: All shall be well

To the believing community in Jerusalem, Esther was not just a faithful and faith-filled sister, she was one free spirit filled with vision and life. She has left a trail ...

Yuval Arts Aug 28, 2018

‘My Face Toward the Lord:’ New Messianic album released

Almost one year since Panai el-Adonai, hosted by Yuval Messianic School of Music and Arts and the FIRM, an album of the same name is being released with all the ...

Joshua Pex Aug 28, 2018

Israeli Immigration Appeals Court rules foreign tour leaders are not missionaries

The Ministry of Interior refused to allow the entry into Israel of a Christian married couple who have served as tour leaders, bringing thousands of tourists to Israel in the ...